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Dec 21, 2017 · First announced in April 2017, Apollo is Baidu’s open autonomous driving platform intended to provide a comprehensive all-in-one solution supporting all major features and functions of an autonomous vehicle.
"Baidu Apollo will continue pushing for the commercial application of autonomous driving. With our technology and platform advantages, we will contribute more to the development of autonomous driving and smart transportation in Beijing and support the city to become a world-leading AI innovation hub," said Zhenyu Li , Corporate Vice President ...

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Baidu will use BlackBerry's operating software QNX on its autonomous driving open platform Apollo, according to Baidu. Meanwhile, Baidu's smartphone integration software for connected cars, its AI system and high-definition maps will run on BlackBerry's QNX Platform. The Intelligent of Everything theme included Baidu's latest work on AI-powered autonomous driving developed by its Apollo platform, which is an open platform designed to accelerate the large-scale deployment of autonomous driving technology across China by working with industry partners.Apr 22, 2020 · Baidu launched its open-source Apollo platform three years ago for autonomous vehicles R&D such as high-definition mapping and obstacle perception technology. At the Apollo Partner Conference in December 2019, Apollo v5.5 was released to support urban road point-to-point autonomous driving, as well as open-platform development for V2X and IoV ...
The iQIYI segment provides online entertainment service, including original and licensed content; membership services; and online advertising services. The company was formerly known as, Inc. and changed its name to Baidu, Inc. in December 2008. Baidu, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Beijing, China.
Jan 15, 2019 · Baidu, Inc. (BIDU - Free Report) is leaving no stone unturned to bolster presence in the autonomous driving space through its open source driverless car platform, Apollo.
1 day ago · A few months back, Baidu rolled out its first fully AI-powered car as part of its Apollo project. The Baidu Apollo integrated AI system allows vehicles to drive independently, without a safety driver inside the vehicle. To ensure public safety in extreme road conditions, Baidu integrated 5G-enabled teleoperation into its vehicles.
Jan 03, 2018 · Announced by Baidu this past April, Apollo is an open platform that provides a comprehensive, secure, and reliable solution that consists of cloud services, an open software stack, and reference hardware and vehicle platforms. It supports all major features and functions of an autonomous vehicle.
Carmera joins Apollo, Baidu's autonomous driving platform. 10 July 2019. Baidu's autonomous cars complete one million miles in China. 5 July 2019. Baidu to work with Geely and Toyota on AI and AVs.
Baidu also launched the 1.0 version of their autonomous driving tech platform called Apollo and detailed tech data will be open to worldwide developers. It has been proactive in this field and announced partnerships with over 60 car companies globally.
Sep 11, 2020 · Baidu launches robotaxi services in Beijing as China accelerates along the road to a self-driving future Baidu’s Apollo Go Robotaxi service has a fleet of 40 cars covering a road network of ...
Baidu said its Apollo project plays a key role in Baidu’s business module of artificial intelligence, and it is currently evolving steadily in accordance with its existing strategy, according to 36Kr, an online publisher focusing on the tech industry, like a Chinese answer of to TechCrunch.
Welcome to Baidu USA Baidu USA is one of the R&D centers of Baidu, whose mission is to make a complicated world simpler through technology. The name Baidu was inspired by a poem written more than 800 years ago during China's Song Dynasty. Baidu, whose literal meaning is “hundreds of times,”
Apr 19, 2017 · The Project Apollo platform launched this July will particularly be applicable for restricted environments, but Baidu plans to launch improved iterations of the same by end of this year.
Apollo Pilot is Baidu's autonomous driving solution aiming for mass production, integrated with rich AI technology accumulated in the field of autonomous driving and the research results of Chinese driving behaviors. Apollo Pilot. Apollo Pilot - Made for China. Apollo Pilot - Product Architecture.
Baidu launched its driverless technology platform Apollo in April, and realized closed venue tracking for autonomous driving in July, Lu Qi, president and chief operating officer of Baidu, told ...
Sep 12, 2020 · Dilansir Kantor Berita Xinhua pada Sabtu, Apollo Go dapat dipesan konsumen melalui aplikasi Baidu maupun web resmi Apollo Auto. Baidu mengatakan, Apollo sebenarnya sudah dioperasikan sejak 2017 sebagai platform terbuka untuk kebutuhan koordinasi kendaraan otonom lintas sektor di China.
Two weeks ago, we were thrilled to announce a huge step forward in the large-scale application of autonomous driving: On October 10, 2020, Baidu fully opened its Apollo Go Robotaxi service to the…
README - A Deep dive into Apollo’s Hardware and Software specifications (only recommended for expert level developers that have successfully installed and launched Apollo) Howto Guides. README - Brief technical solutions to common problems that developers face during the installation and use of the Apollo platform. FAQs
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Mar 19, 2018 · So Baidu has decided to include the AI and ML community in the hopes of speeding up research. The company has announced the release of the world’s largest open-source dataset for self-driving technology. Named ApolloScape, the dataset has been released under the umbrella of Baidu’s self-driving platform Apollo. Apollo is a high performance ...

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Sep 17, 2020 · Baidu wants to one up Google on its AI powered car platform called Apollo. They might pull just pull it off. In any event, they at least have to be considered in the same league. In 2019, Baidu... Baidu's Apollo Platform Baidu Apollo is an open source platform that's designed to speed up the global development of autonomous driving technologies through close collaboration between industry partners. Apollo is a comprehensive, secure, all-in-one, complete autonomous driving ecosystem which supports all major functions of a self-driving car.

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Oct 26, 2017 · Now Baidu finds itself in this role against Google. The Apollo-framework is composed of four layers, starting with the reference vehicle platform, on which the reference hardware layer resides. On top comes the open source platform and the cloud service layer. The roadmap for version 1.5 and higher is pretty aggressive. BIDU - Q2 2019 Earnings Release - View presentation slides online.

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Baidu is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co.'s business consists of two segments, Baidu Core and iQIYI. Baidu Core primarily comprises search plus feed, such as Baidu App, its search business and supporting content, including Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Knows, and Baidu Encyclopedia, as well as its online marketing services, and new artificial intelligence businesses, such as DuerOS (voice assistant and related smart device business), Apollo (autonomous driving platform), and Baidu Cloud. Baidu launched Apollo in 2017 as an open source platform that enables developers and partners to build their own AV systems.

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Oct 28, 2017 · The automaker is already one of Baidu’s parters in its Apollo self-driving program, and this open platform will be leveraged to build Level 3 autonomous vehicles (where drivers can safely take ...

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Apollo 3.0's primary focus is to provide a platform for developers to build upon in a closed venue low-speed environment. Vehicles are able to maintain lane control, cruise and avoid collisions with vehicles ahead of them. Apollo 3.5: Apollo 3.5 is capable of navigating through complex driving scenarios such as residential and downtown areas.Jun 26, 2019 · A Rapidly Maturing Open Platform. Baidu launched Apollo in 2017 as an open source platform that enables developers and partners to build their own AV systems.

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Baidu launched Apollo in 2017 as an open source platform that enables developers and partners to build their own AV systems.Apollo 1.0 Debut , Baidu Create AI Conf., July 5th, Beijing. Headline ... Data Platform Apollo 1.5 Framework Cloud Service Platform Open Software Platform Reference

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Jun 26, 2019 · A Rapidly Maturing Open Platform. Baidu launched Apollo in 2017 as an open source platform that enables developers and partners to build their own AV systems.

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Several of Apollo’s members already have separate cooperation agreements in place with Waymo and other driverless car providers. “As we and our partners contribute to the platform in our areas of specialty, we all gain more, with the results far greater than just our own,” Baidu group president Qi Lu said in a statement.

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Jul 19, 2017 · "Our goal with Apollo is to provide an open and powerful platform to the automotive industry to further the goal of autonomous vehicles," Baidu president Ya-Qin Zhang said in a release.